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Magdalena Blasinska | Rosanna Dean | Lucie de Palau | Russell Terry

Acting on impulses, compelled to ‘realise’ ideas, we leave all kinds of curious fragments in our wake. Our studios are full of remains, mistakes, tests, exercises, spare or abandoned components and by-products of processes. We keep these things (possibly forever) without expecting them to ever leave the studio.
This exhibition presents the ‘work’ of four artists – Oil sketches on found postcards, accidental drawings on cutting boards, spray painted paper that appears like a masking tool, unexpected by-products of printmaking, digital sketches/rejected commissions, etc.
Work is the most important word of this show. That is to say work as activity, which is opposed to or ahead of products. The real work. The things we’re happy to make when no one is looking. Usually unshowable and somehow unthrowable.

Unshowable / unthrowable
26 – 30 October 2017
Private View Thursday 26th October 6-8 pm
Hockney Gallery | RCA | Kensington

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