This work is a hybrid work, an evidence of my transnational belonging. It speaks of work itself – the work as a verb. It stitches together relics of past orders. It weaves its own roots. It scans through different layers of European landscape.

Not all the work I put into this work is visible.

The entire work was made relying on needle tools. Even the paintings were unpainted with a needle.The floor is handwoven. It had been stored in squares, rolled up, and  sewn together. It was made to be walked on until it wears off.

This work is a paradox proposition. Making through undoing, erasing, preserving the state of non permanence. Making through engaging in persistent and labour intense activity.

This work does few things at the same time. It eats its own tail whilst trying to speak. It pronounces its own language. It wears itself off.

Perhaps I am naive to think the work can do that. Or perhaps I worked not hard enough, choosing primitive tools and looking into things too close for too long.


On show in Sackler Studios | Royal College of Art | Howie Street |London SW11 3AN

23 June 2018 to 1 July 2018


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